Under Development...

Under Development

… But the message can’t wait!

Hi, and thanks for visiting our site.

As you’ve probably guessed, our website isn't finished yet. There's a lot to add and not all pages are complete. You may find that some links are not yet enabled.

But our message is much too important for us to wait until the site is complete.

Wait, what message?
Actually, it’s pretty simple - and obvious: ‘Stay safe online’. 

But it’s a lot more difficult to achieve than it is to say. Alex, our head of technology, has worked in IT for nearly 30 years and has seen the internet grow from its infancy to what it is now - both in his home llife and in business.

And with criminals of all types (and I really do mean all types!), using the internet as their primary tool for crime, it's vital we all know how to stay safe in the online world, just as it is in everyday life. After all, mistakes we make here can spill over into the real world and have devastating consequences. They are not separate entities: our physical and virtual lives are intertwined in a way that cannot (or at the very least, would be very difficult to) be separated. We must therefore be as careful online as we are in the real world.

So how are we going to go about achieving such an enormous and difficult task? Through education. Our aim is to provide you with news, articles and education (in the form of articles and courses) that will give you the information and advice you need to keep your business, yourself, your family and most important of all, your children safe from all the dangers that you might encounter online.

Our ultimate goal is to make the internet safer for us all, so we can enjoy it for what it truly is: a rich variety of entertainment, education, knowledge and fun.

Wish us luck!
The team at Ocean Lighthouse.