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Malware sidesteps Android 2-step authentication

Google changed the rules on what android app developers were allowed use SMS and call logging permissions for, in March of 2019. This meant that rogue apps lost the ability to bypass 2FA mechanisms that used SMS as their One-Time Password (OTP) delivery tool. Eset have discovered some apps that […]


Ransomware, payouts and your business

Five ransomware attacks in fifteen days: $1.1 Million combined ransom paid by two Florida cities to cyber criminals: Five Ransomware hit the news in 15 days. First to fall victim was Riviera beach, a small city in Florida on 29th May 2019: Email is still the most common way for […]


Blackmail Scam – I have recorded you watching porn…

Blackmail is a common tactic used by scammers. I received the email below a few days ago. What is interesting, is that the scam listed a password I have used in the past, probably for some unimportant site that required sign-up before it would let you view anything useful. But, […]

Global Virus Fears

Global virus imminent?

In May of this year (2019), the BBC posted a story entitled ‘Global virus fear prompts update for old Windows’: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-48295227 .  The story opens with: ‘Fears of a massive global computer virus outbreak have prompted Microsoft to issue security updates for very old versions of its Windows software.’ A […]

Data Breach

First American leaks 900 million records

First American is the largest insurance company in the United States specialising in real estate. As well as the ‘largest in the USA’ title, they can now add ‘second largest data breach in history’ to their list of accolades; second only to the Yahoo hack of 2013 that exposed 3 […]

Special Forces - Fate against terror and hate

YouTube ramp up their fight against hate

YouTube have taken steps to intesify their fight against hate. In recent years, they have been investing in products, policies and resources they need to protect the millions (or is it billions?) of YouTube users from the harmful content that some think is ok to upload. Their own blog explains […]