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Online Education

Cyber Education

Welcome to Ocean Lighthouse’s Education Centre.

Our mission: to protect everyone (we can) who uses the internet from danger.

How can we hope to achieve such an impossible mission? Through education! 

When it comes to cyber security, there is a belief - or should I say myth, that technology will always provide the solution: all we need to do with our internet-connected devices, is to install security software and we’re protected from all online threats, right?

Well, no! Whilst cyber security software is important, it won’t ‘always provide the solution’.  Perhaps ‘solution’ is the wrong word. That would suggest victory in the cyber war (and we are at war). Such a victory will never happen. 

The cyber security experts and cyber criminals will always be trying to stay one step ahead of each other. There will always be new dangers emerging and technology won't be able to stop them all.

Online security education is one step on top of the technological solutions you can take to further protect, not only your business, but yourself, your family and of course, your children from the many, many  dangers that exist online.

Our website is your portal to online safety information. Through our posts and articles, we’ll show you where the dangers lie, how you can recognise them and what you can do to protect against them.

Course: Online Cyber Security and Safety

Description: There are a huge number of risks that exist online. Our courses will show you what those risks are, where they are hidden and what you can do to avoid them.

This course explains the different types of threat that can affect the operation of your computers, your data and your money (bank accounts and financial penalties).

But to really understand how to protect against modern threats, we belive it is important to understand how we got to now!
How have we got from the clunky old valve-driven electronic computers of the 1940s to a world of inter-connected network of computers and mobile devices; a world where more than 4 billion people have near instantaneous access to more knowledge and information than ever before.

Our course is split into three main modules - The history of computers, of viruses (or more correctly, malware).

Specifically, we’ll look at the history of computer threats through to modern threats and how they are more dangerous than ever.

Module 1: History of computers
Module 2: History of computer viruses
Module 3: Cyber Security education