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About us

About us


Meet Ocean Lighthouse

Having started in computing as early as 1981, our team has seen the growth of the internet from its infancy to what it is today. Never before in human history has so much knowledge been available to so many people as easily as it is today.

But there is a darker side to the internet and with  around 4 billion people conected to the internet - a little over 50% of the world’s population - you know that includes the bad guys as well as the good.

We all know we need to protect ourselves from online threats and the obvious way that springs to mind is to install Anti-virus software on our devices. But technological solutions are not the complete answer.

Ocean Lighthouse goes beyond the technology and provides a portal to training, education, news and articles - information essential to understanding the dangers of the online world.


Meet our Founder

Alex Bryson, our technical director has worked at Eset UK as a technical engineer foAlexr over 8 years. Previously, he has worked in technical roles at Unisys, Zurich, JP Morgan and IBM, supporting operating  systems such as MS-DOS, Windows, Novell Netware, OS/2 and AS/400.

During his time at Eset - the 5th largest anti-virus software vendor in the world and the largest in Europe, he has seen an exponential growth in the number and complexity of online threats to our safety.

He formed Ocean Lighthouse - with one goal - to make our online world a safer place for everyone - our businesses, our families and especially our children.