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YouTube ramp up their fight against hate

Special Forces - Fate against terror and hate

YouTube have taken steps to intesify their fight against hate. In recent years, they have been investing in products, policies and resources they need to protect the millions (or is it billions?) of YouTube users from the harmful content that some think is ok to upload.

Their own blog explains they are focusing on ‘four pillars:removing violative content, raising up authoritative content, reducing the spread of borderline content and rewarding trusted creators.

That is, any content of an unacceptably violent nature is to be removed; improving the platform for news from genuine, authoritative sources; reducing content containing spammy links or ‘clickbait’ titles such as ‘You won’t believe what you see’. 

And, perhaps more important than anything else, they are working closely with lawmakers around the world to limit the spread and removal of hate speech, supremacy views. This would include such things as glorifying Nazi ideolgy and any content that denies such events as the holocaust or that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary took place. Finally, they are working hard to ensure the horrific terrorist murders that occurred recently and were live-streamed from a New Zealand mosk in Christchurch.

The work YouTube are doing is vital to make their platform and the internet as a whole the place we would wish it to be: a haven for knowledge, fun, entertainment and safe communications & sharing with friends and family.

This is a real challenge, when you consider the world’s population as at June 2019 is estimated to be 7.7 billion and the total number of internet users for the same period, estimated at 4.4 billion – more than half the world’s population. With figures like that, it is clear that every type of person is using the internet – the good, the bad and the evil. 

Alex Bryson
10th June 2019